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    Smile Are you a gender sensitive?

    If you’re a guy, do you have girl toons on the characters of your mmorpg games? Do you pretend to be a girl in game? And if you’re a girl, do you have masculine toons on your list?

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    I dont pretend to be a girl in game. I pick girl characters because they are easier to look at on the eyes. Might as well like what Im seeing when playing a whole bunch.
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    I play what ever looks best, sometimes males look stupid in someway shape or form and the female looks better, an example from my point of view would be a blood elf in wow.

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    I have a few female toons on WoW. FOr one, I wanted a NE for a rogue because of the stealth passive, the males run/attack/stand/sound/stealth and look stupid in pretty much every way. The ONLY good thing is their hilarious dance. So I rolled a female, because most everything about them is pleasant, plus they are smaller which can be an advantage.

    I don't pretend to be female IRL, that would be rather creepy.
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    In the context of role/gender identity in gaming, wouldn't "gender sensitive" mean "unwilling to play the role of the opposite gender"?

    I ask because the question in your thread title "Are you a gender sensitive?" is the inverse of the question in your post "If you're a [gender], do you play [opposite gender] toons on the characters of your mmorpg games?" An answer of "yes" to the first question is an answer of "no" in the second. To help avoid confusion, I recommend you reword the OP.

    On topic: I am not gender sensitive. I've played female characters without shame because I'm not pretending to be female; I'm instead watching some badass female roaming around beating shit up. I'm no more my female characters than I am my male. Though I will admit that early on in gaming when I played a game where a class was only represented by one gender (often mages are female in other games) I felt uncomfortable with playing that class. Now I see it as no big deal. And even now, a lot of people make the mistake of assuming I'm female irl when they meet one of my female toons. But it's not that big of a deal to correct them and then move on.

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    I play both genders quite evenly. Female versions of some races look better than male versions and for one I can't make myself create a male draenei. I've tried, several times, to no avail.

    For the longest time my main was a male me being female irl. Current main is a female though, but more by chance than any other possible reason.

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    Mainly female characters, and I'm a male. Maybe it's because of long-term habits, my opinion about how many males aren't as good looking in armor, or the lack thereof. Regardless of any reasons, I don't mind playing male characters in anything; I just prefer the female variants most of the time.
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    I have noticed that playing as female that I act unconsciously different to other people. I tend to be nicer and use more smileys for some reason.

    Also I play both female and male.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AcrobaticMegalodon View Post
    I have noticed that playing as female that I act unconsciously different to other people. I tend to be nicer and use more smileys for some reason.
    First thing that springs to mind is acting how you perceive a female character to be, or act like? Maybe so others don't question you, or something. Be interesting to hear why you do it (If you can)
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    I have both, slightly more females than males. Male characters in video games are usually too beefy and macho for my liking. My male toons grew on me though.

    I don't pretend to be female in game... that has nothing to do with your gender anyway. I used to know a girl with a male Orc warlock. I mean... why?
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    whatever looks best, my wow account consists mainly of female chars but i am male, like the first reply its all about what your going to be looking at 90% of the time.

    my main is a priest although i haven't played for over a year now, when i made it, all the human males look too beefy to be casters the females look better in robes :P

    then again, i played fallout and fallout 2, (its the same with the newer ones and probably even elderscrolls) but there are certain things that you can do/unlock/say whatever when you pick a different gender. perks related to either male or female.

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    I try to mix it up. I have 1 character for each race and gender except male troll, male goblin, and male pandaren in my main server (horde). Not because I think they're stupid or anything, but just because I've already filled all the character slots and covered all classes. On my server where I keep all my Alliance dudes, I don't have a female worgen, female pandaren, nor male gnome.
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    Personally I play both depending on which race I play. For example, all my troll characters are male, all my blood elfs are female and all my undeads is a mix between the two. For me, it's not about gender per se, but how well I like the combined feel of the character (looks, running animation, casting animation etc). My Mage would probably be undead if it wasn't for the OP troll racials.
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    I simply chose the gender that I think have the best looks/animations. If I'd ever make a belf it'd probably be a female, female undead, male tauren, male troll, etc. I did pretend to be a girl (in-game) for some time in my teens (vanilla), very immature but watching how the behaviour of some players changed when I told them was an unlimited source of amusement:P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by calinass View Post
    I dont pretend to be a girl in game. I pick girl characters because they are easier to look at on the eyes. Might as well like what Im seeing when playing a whole bunch.
    this. it's not about pretending. it's just that i'd rather look at a woman for hours at a time than a man.

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    I have female characters because I like having only one of the same race. I can't have 2 male humans because that's weird for me.

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    Melee = male
    Caster = female
    With some exceptions for specific race-gender-class combos.
    Also have never pretended to be a girl.

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    I have characters of both genders. I like the animations of specific genders for specific races, pretty much.

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    I generally play male melee characters and female casters. I never act any differently regardless of what gender I play.

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    I play male Tauren for all the classes that can be Tauren. I love their lore, and they look like me. Muscular, tall, broad, etc. I have an Undead Male Mage, Goblin Male Rogue, Orc Male Warlock, and Pandaren Male Monk (although the Pandaren look like me too with their beer belly). I had a Female Belf Paladin during ICC, but once they could be Tauren that was done. I have never pretended to be a girl, but I had a friend who played Male Tauren but she was a girl. Awkward girl, that Squisha.

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