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    I play what looks the best. Sometimes that means a female model, but I don't pretend to be female.

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    I mostly create female characters in the game I play. Why? cause I like bewbs, simple as that. Or the dance animation (orc female <3). It's a matter of preference imo.
    edit: I don't pretend to be female, never have, never will . Not into that.
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    I'm a male that plays both. I act the same no matter what toon I am on. It just depends on the look. I can't stand the female trolls so if I do a troll they are always male. Most other races are a coin flip or based on the name I have chosen at that time.

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    My casters are female, my melee are male - doesn't affect the way I play though.

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    It depends on looks, sometimes male models look better and have better animations than female, WoW's dwarf, orc or troll come to mind. Pure aesthetics.

    Aside of this 1 time years ago when I was trolling a horny kid that thought I'm a girl, no, I don't do this.

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    Depends on the looks. I usually play female models, cause their male counterparts look dull and stupid. The view races I play male as in wow are dwarves, tauren and trolls. Trolls both look great though. In other games, it depends on the story and how some are introduced. Like with Diablo 3. I play the demonhunter and wizard as female cause they were introduced as those in their reveal trailers. The other ones however I play as male, cause that's how they got introduced to.

    And no, I don't pretend to be a girl. I'm not into that kind of stuff.

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    In any game I play a female. Just because I like the looks more. I would never pretend to be a girl but.
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    half my chars are female, half of them male,

    this started off because I had a old wide screen, and males just looked square blocks,

    I've never pretended to be a female though,

    Wait I lie, I read on this forum its a good way to get quick gold, and I didn't believe them, so I went to a new server, danced for money and got flooded with wisps with requests, I was quite shocked deleted that char straight away

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    I have some male and some female characters because I like to have some variation on my characters, same reason why I always have a ton of alts of different classes, but I certainly don't pretent to be a girl when playing female characters.

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    Im female and usually play female characters in games where I get a choice or get to make my own character in single player games but occasionally make fighter/barbarian type characters male (but I usually prefer to play rogue/archer types or a mage or a healer). In MMOs however, I exclusively play female characters. I guess it's because I see such games more like chatrooms that allow social events and to play with others or alone when you want to pass time so the character is more like an avatar there and playing a male one is like virtual cross-dressing I don't want to dress up as a man in real life so I don't want to do it in games either

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    Play mostly females, with very few exceptions, don't pretend to be a girl but I've had a lot of flirty crap and seem to get a less trolly side of wow
    I've not necessarily pretended to be female, but often times when making big trades for 10's of thousands of mats I'll subconsciously type more like a girl, punctuating sentences with several smilies and throwing up the <3's, it seems to work as I always get the discounts and free percentages I ask for

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    I play both male and female characters, depending on the way I imagine them to be when I create them.
    It is easier to relate to a woman, though.
    I don't pretend to be a man when playing my males, but I generally don't talk about my gender unless someone calls my female chars "he" too often or another girl asks if there are more of her kind out there

    Agree that most male models look to bulky or rough to be loveable, but I guess my human pally ended up as kind of cute for a male human.
    I would love to play a male blood elf, if they weren't so fully pumped out but more slender instead. Love their hairstyles <3

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    When i play wow i have a Druid that is a girl troll. Its not the most attractive thing but it gets the job done lol.

    they all looked stone look at there eyes

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    I had an undead female warrior for awhile loved her animations. But she was just rainy day alt never got past 20.

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    Red face Yes I play female characters... And I like it!

    I pick gender on the overall look and usually females look far more "natural" (yeah, Orcs are very natural...) looking, atleast to me. And yes I've been asked if I am girl in reality as I do not possess many "men" like opinions.

    When I used to play WoW, my main was male Undead Warlock and the only alt I had was female Draenei Paladin. And the characters I made just to delete them at level 30 were mainly females except Orc, Troll and Worgen.
    But in Guild Wars 2, I instatnly started as female Human Guardian, didn't liked their story and lore so went for the Norn female (And found myself unable to play anything else).

    As I said, females look far more natural although are very "hot" looking, which is still far more natural as male looking like gorilla body-builder. All the genders are "romanticized" and stereotyped in my opinion.
    All girls have to be glamour models swinging giant sword with their tiny hands. While males looking like they were eating anabolic steroids to the state they are unable to procreate so they could crush mountains with their fists and eat nails for breakfast.

    However majority of men consider those types of female models good-looking and I think you can hardly find any women calling them ugly. On the other hand majority of women will say that body-builder types are not attractive and most of the men playing games can hardly indentify themeselves with male characters. For me this is the reason why many men choose female characters.

    Reasong why it is this state is simply because the games are made by men mainly for men, as the women usually aren't interested in games. And exception simply confirm the rule (Or how it is said in english). Every men on the planet earth would like their woman to be incredibly hot, even if they are (the men) fat, skinny, deformed or purple. But how do men generally see the perfect man or warrior? Yeah, a gorilla body-builder as it represent strength... And I even think all the brainiacs in the world would accept to look "in shape" if presented to them as magic gift. But in the end majority of men can hardly indentify with those characters. Same as with the Mary Sue characters, they are so perfect it is disgusting and in the end, imperfect.

    If the games were made by women there would be a different package of character types as they see their perfect man and perfect woman differently.

    Yeah, games are sexist!
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    i have both male and female toons, ive never pretended to be female ingame, though my whole guild thought i was for a while because i didn't want to go on vent once.

    my mains a male orc, my most played alts are undead female and night elf female. most of the male models in the game kind of suck. the only alliance characters i play are worgen and night elf females, because every other race on alliance has really bad models/animations. on orc i pretty much just play undead female, i wish my orc hunter were female orc, i quite like their animations.
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    I pick characters from both genders, but I have a lot of friends that only pick male characters when there's some sort of customization. (for instance, I have a friend that plays C. Viper in Street Fighter - who is a girl - but says I'm gay because my WoW/GW2 character was/is a female.)

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    I've got a single female Priest because I wanted to play it as a Nelf and it made sense lorewise to be a female. All other 10 characters on my main realm are male. I've got a male Mage and Druid and the casting animations on there also seem a lot better for females. Male Mage specifically just looks like he's suffering from a migraine.
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    What are you talking about?
    This is AMERICA you and I live in. We would have people lining up by the thousands to go on missions to conquer this new nation of worm monsters.

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    I'm a guy but I usually play female chars in most games, they tend to be the most agile and that's the playstyle I like. In WoW's case I find gear is too big and bulky on male chars. I do have a male dwarf and NE though, it's not like I have to play female, just prefer the looks in most cases.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoist View Post
    If you’re a guy, do you have girl toons on the characters of your mmorpg games? Do you pretend to be a girl in game? And if you’re a girl, do you have masculine toons on your list?
    I have 50% female toons, not a ratio I specifically aimed for mind you. I do not pretend to be a girl. I do not relate with my female toons. They are not me, they are simply avatars. I am the man behind the curtain, the puppateer, the director.

    I do the same thing in Mass Effect. I prefer the female voice actress for Shepard, so I play a female Shepard. I am not Shepard, Shepard is a separate character from me. Heck, I do the same thing in most RPGs, the character is a separate character from me.

    There is no gender insecurity or anything like that. Typically the reasoning is because females usually have better models or they look less like steroided body builders, or in the case of ME, a better VA.
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