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    Fury needing help

    My link http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Phoenx/simple

    Could someone give me a few ideas on how I can improve my DPS please?

    I am only doing 72k on first boss in ToT, just to give a example. It seems I should be doing more from what I am told.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you can provide logs, we can look into your rotation/cd usage, etc.

    From your Armory, somethings I'd suggest.
    1) Get more crit via reforging. You are at 17.41% when I look, which is so low (in coordination with how much Enrage uptime you'd have more better rotation/dps/etc) that I'd recommend going Arms if you can't get significantly more.
    2) You have a lot of hit/expertise. You only need 7.5% expertise (2549/2550) to not get parried from behind. You only need 7.5% hit (same value) to not miss special attacks for Fury. Hit past that point is very weak in dps increasing, where Crit>Mastery>Haste(post 50% buff with 5.2)>Hit past 7.5%. So, reforge as necessary. You can use wowreforge.com (if updated) or askmrrobot.com for quick hit/exp caps, although I think both have their problems.
    3) I'm not 100% on this anymore, I believe it to be the case, but you should enchant your offhand with Windsong if you are TG. The nature of how 2hander offhands swing, along with the value of Crit/Mastery procs of Windsong make it great offhand enchant.
    4) Crit gems are very powerful for Fury warriors (since Crit equals Strength, more or less, for Fury), so you can gem your chest double crit or Crit/Strength+Crit/Hit. Shoulder and Pants are probably worth just ignoring set bonus and going with Crit Gems, same with your main hand.
    5) If you continue to do the Wrathion quests, ie get revered with the Black Prince and kill Sha of Fear (any difficulty), you can loot Chimearon Eye or w/e and get it to be a free prismatic gem in your Sha-Touched weapon AND your ToT weapon, which is 2x320 (640) bonus crit.

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    I forgot I upgraded like 5 pieces today, ever so slightly . But I forgot to reforge everything. Thank you for what you have said, but I might reforge and raid Friday and then post logs, then maybe it would help examine my problem more. Thanks again.

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    Show us youre rotation

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    Ur problems are pretty basic.

    U have 2% too much hit (u only need 7,5% as previously mentioned), and u have 0,5% too much expertise (u only need 7,5%). To make ur life easier with reforging I suggest u download an addon called reforgelite. It will do most of the work for u and is doing a decent job.

    Ur amount of crit is horrendous. U need to reforge out of haste(/mastery) and into crit.

    Regarding ur weapon enchants; u should enchant both weapons with dancing steel, which u have done. disregard what's mentioned above. That's based on an old bug, and has been fixed.

    Don't bother using 160 strength gems or go for +60 strength socketbonuses. U get more out of 320 crit gems, crit+hit gems (for blue sockets), or str+crit (red sockets) if the socketbonus is 120/180 strength, or 120/180 crit. Simply put: Gem nothing but 320 crit unless the socket bonus is REALLY good.
    The value of crit is sooooooooo high that u should stack nothing but crit.

    Ur trinkets are pretty bad aswell. Haste is better than it was, but is still NOT worth going for. When u get that far; get feathers from Jin-kun and Gaze of the twins from Twin Consorts (primordius' rage is a good trinket to use while waiting for Gaze).
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    Does anyone in your guild run logs?
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    pretty much what everyone have stated above. If you run into reforging problem you can download the addon "reforgelite" which has a fury preset you can use. It works for basic optimization. I would really recommend that.
    Otherwise I would recommend switching trinkets as fast as possible. Going for the skullrender medallion and the shadopan trinket would boost up your dps. Depending on if you can reforge away all that extra expertise.
    For nearly every fight its also a dps gain to use bloodbath over avatar, so I would change to that. Hope it helps!

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    Sub 20% crit and haste trinkets will make any fury warrior cry themselves to sleep. Seems to be the same problem as every other fury war posting about having too low dps for their gear level: taking upgrades based purely on ilvl rather than stats. Can we get a big disclaimer at the top of the forum saying "Crit good, haste bad, itemization matters more than ilvl." ?

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