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    Stealth Nerf Entrapment breakings with dmg

    Don't know if someone else realized it but after 5.2 we got a stealth nerf on SV Entrapment, I'm not playing PVP anymore but I know how this hurt the spec that is already the worse choice for a pvp spec.
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    If that's true it's a fairly substantial PvE control nerf as well. Entrapment had some very very useful applications, as does most mass-CC.

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    I can confirm that this is happening on random mobs in vale.. sadly:S hopefully this isn't intended.

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    that's a real shame, SV is a fair chunk behind MM and BM as it is.. this just puts it further so.

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    Yeah, I noticed this happen also. One of the good Survival perks gone. One less reason to play that spec D:

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