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    [H25] Apex 11/12 (Twisting nether) recruiting

    Apex was founded in December 2001 and our community has grown and developed over many different MMOs including World of Warcraft from it's release, on EU-Daggerspine as Alliance.

    Our Horde branch originally started on EU-Xavius a few months before the release of TBC but later migrated to a higher populated realm, EU-Stormscale, where to this day is still active.

    In November 2011 a small number of our raiders left EU-Stormscale and created the latest branch of our community on EU-Jaedenar. One year later we migrated to Twisting Nether in search of a healthier realm population to recruit from.

    About Us:
    Apex is an English speaking guild and our primary focus is on endgame raiding. We do however value our guild community and friendships and try to build our team around that, participating in activities outside of raids such as RBGs, Arena, achievement runs, etc; and encourage our members to socialize on Teamspeak as much as possible.

    Our current aim is to strengthen our 25-man raid team, having recently made the transition from 10-man raiding. Our goal is then to push higher up the rankings and ultimately into the top 200.

    Raid Schedule:
    Wednesday - 20.00 - 23.30 (Realm Time)
    Thursday - 20.00 - 23.30 (Realm Time)
    Sunday - 20.00 - 23.30 (Realm Time)
    Monday - 20.00 - 23.30 (Realm Time)

    Although we officially raid till midnight it's always our aim on non-progression nights to finish as late as 23:30 to make it easier for our raiders to balance game and work time.

    We aim to keep our raiding squad as small as possible (around 30 players ideally). This allows us to raid when some players are absent but in order to maintain faster progression we do not wish to gear out more players than is necessary and therefore expect a minimum of 85% attendance from our core raiders. Those that drop below 85% raid attendance over a 30 day period are penalized when it comes to loot distribution and raid selection.

    We seek new recruits that are loyal, mature, have a pleasant personality, have good raid experience from both current and past content, are knowledgeable about their class, have a sense of pride in their character and a drive for progress. They should not be afraid to talk on TeamSpeak and need to be sociable and fun to have around.

    Balance Druid
    Holy Paladin
    Elemental Shaman

    If you have any questions regarding our guild or application process you can contact any of the following leaders/officers ingame: Aldor, Annddypandy, Eddie, Palumbah, Rasi.

    How to Apply:
    To be considered for recruitment we require an application to be filled out and posted on our forum. If accepted you will be placed on a trial period that usually lasts 2 weeks.

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