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    Getting started in RBGs

    I've been trying to get into a low MMR rated RBG team for a while with no success. My guild is a 2-day a week dragonslayer guild (albeit quite successful at it), and my realm has virtually no PVP. I've done a lot of casual PVP over the last couple of years but nothing outside of casual 2's/3's for CP, so I'm having trouble finding any group that will take a player without rating. I am essentially looking for either a) a low MMR team that just wants to cap CP every week, or b) a new team that is trying to learn the RBG game and progress. I've checked official WOW forums, MMO-champ forums, arena junkies, etc, for teams that fit this description but no luck, and I don' really have any contacts outside my guild...and none of them PVP. Anyone have any suggestions on where/how to search for a suitable team? It is easy to find a random player to run 2's with, but infinitely more difficult to find 9 for RBGs.

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    Hey, what do you play? What's your gear like? My guild recently has been running stuff and picking up some pugs....maybe pm me your info and I can try and get you on at some point assuming your good/can be on vent with us to coordinate.

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    Hey man I have the best suggestion in the world for you and I am surprised that more people don't know about this. I am currently on a pretty dead server and don't seem to come across a lot of rbg groups and as of s12 was only doing 2's to cap conquest every week and was losing out on up to 400 conquest points a week. After these season i was browsing forums and came across this one where people were talking about oqueue which is an addon that you can get off curse. Basically its a que system for people to create premade groups for rbgs,ctas,rep grinds,dungeons etc. etc. I see anywhere up to 15 to 20 rbg premades going a night. They all vary skill wise normally there is a description on most of them saying hey 1600+ rbgs pushing mmr, or low mmr rbgs. You can join onto the waitlist for these premades once on the waitlist the leader can see whos on the wait list and will choose what classes he wants and invites them. I normally join onto fresh groups as i have an easier time getting in since full groups tend to have a waitlist of 40 plus people. But I def recommend you d/ling this addon first week of season i capped all 3 of my characters in 2 days with it. Sometimes there is downtimes when groups may be full or the class you play just isn't needed by anyone but just keep your eyes open groups are always popping up and with more people getting the add on there will be more groups. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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    Hmm... "davidj209" above me has an interesting idea. If you really want to get into serious PvP and Rated Battlegrounds, move to a PvP oriented server. That would be your best bet. Or you could make a level 1 character on a big PvP server and ask around about low MMR RBG groups. You can do cross-realm RBGs, so if you find a good group on another realm, just Real ID some of them, and your all set!
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    looks like this guy created it and never came back

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pazzz View Post
    looks like this guy created it and never came back
    yep but he has posted someting on the forum today. so its probebly not that big a deal for him.

    but indeed oqueue is a great addon. but be social and now to your teammates. i recently joined a alt cap group from a 2k rbg guild group. and leanred all that i need to join there 2k group. so if your social people will take the time to learn.

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    Thanks for the info all. Ill check out oqueue. I am aware of it, but haven't used it at all. Pazzz, Ill PM you as well. Can't really move to a PVP server as I still raid twice a week with my guild, so the cross-realm feature will have to do for now. Thanks.

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    sounds good. good luck.

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    you should of really mentioned your class.

    gemming and speccing properly so rbg leaders think you have a clue at first glance is also important/ getting any arena achieves when you're not raiding too gives a quick implication of having an idea of how to play.

    you can also try #rbg.eu on quakenet.

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