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    Magaera 25man

    My guild is working on Magaera and we seem to be hitting a wall around the 5th rampage. We are trying to execute the "do not kill the blue head" strat but it seems like our raid is just getting overwhelmed towards the end. Of course there is the usual cooldown rotations and such but i feel like we might be missing something? Any particular healing classes that you would bench for this fight?

    This is a healing perspective btw but any other input would help. Thanks in advance!

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    A little bit more info on how you do the fight would help us a lot.

    Are you 6 healing? 7 Healing?

    What are your healers?

    Do you have raid cooldowns set up for specific rampages?


    Is it a DPS problem? Healing problem?

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    The first few attempts we tried 6-healing it but found the damage to be bit too much. So, we ended up 7-healing the encounter. I set up the cooldown rotation to double up starting the 3rd rampage with warrior shouts, pally aura and glyphed shaman healing stream totem (whoever is not doing their healing tide at that time). I do this encounter as Holy and as far as I can tell our problems might be a combination of both, dps and healing?

    here is a link to our longest attempt (cant post links yet as I havent posted enough times on the forums)

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    Not that I don't think holy is an amazing spell, but SS + barrier might be a better choice then a holy priest. If you know disc, try switching and using spirit shell before/during each rampage to pad some damage on the raid. It's almost like having 2 raid cooldowns.

    Plus, if you barrier early, you can do it twice in the fight.

    You can spirit shell every single rampage however.

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    Stacking 3-4 raid CDs per Rampage should make them more than manageable if you're running up to a good stacking point that is.

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    Our 25 man kills Blue-Green-Red-Blue-Green-Red-Blue after which it's dead.

    Your damage is quite a lot lower than ours though, and we 6man heal it with 2 discs, 1 Holy, Pala, Shaman and Monk. (Cheer for getting most of the cinders and Icy debuffs!)

    Personally my healing was shit and I should've been able to push more, but it's just to show you some numbers to compare to.

    With 2 discs you can Barrier 2/3 of the Rampages, double SS all of them and whack other healers cd one by one on them. Double SS on each + Barrier on most + 1 extra cd from another healer was fine for us, remember to abuse smoke bombs (-20%dmg is neat now) and warrior shouts + Dev Aura when you feel it's needed.

    Make sure your raid is spread, and that people negate fire patches with frost and the other way around. And that you gather properly after each head is dead.
    Atonement is really great outside the gathering bits, as it will give you a bit of extra dps (which you defo need if youre 7 healing it) and smarthealing + cooldowns for every Rampage.

    Edit: Here's a messy kill from a messy 25 disc PoV (straight fraps, no fancy music and whatnot), I personally don't think poison bombs are a massive big of a deal (we killed 2 greens). You can also see the healing cd usage from the healing channel if it's of any help.

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    For our 25-man kills we avoid killing the green head. Having people kiting blue beams isn't as big of a deal in 25's, and the poison bombs do a LOT of raid damage. Rampage #5 is the worst one (assuming you save hero for the last rampage) so make sure to have as many cooldowns as possible available and even healthstones.

    Both of our kills we used 6 healers and ended up around 8:00 long.

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    I am and probably always will be an advocate of Holy, but this is one fight I went disc for. SS is up for every rampage(which is op), barrier is so much better for the raid than DH because it lasts longer and hits the entire raid(i assume you are stacking for rampages and if you aren't then you should), and atonement is great for tank healing.

    Also I'm not sure why you would keep a head up on normal. We kept green head up for our heroic kill which made raid healing in between rampages significantly easier.

    Also. make sure you're using all the offspec tranquilities/vampiric embrace/rally cry/DA/etc. And smoke bomb reduces damage taken by 20% now so make sure you guys r doing that if you have rogues.

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