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    Any news on bots?

    I have been patiently waiting for the price to come down on some traditionally botted materials like herbs and ore, but it seems like they are not budging. There is a little bit of a markup on my realm because of the new patch obviously, but I also know that there was a wave of bot bannings after blizzard resolved some outstanding litigation with the bot makers but I cannot find a good source for that information.

    Basically what I was wondering from you guys is if you are simply adjusting what you are buying and eating the loss in profit margins or if you are holding off hoping that the bots will come back? Does anyone have some concrete information about this litigation and the effects it has on the economy?

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    Well Pandaland Herbs have a mechanic that they can never fall much below 30g per Stack and Ores should see some surge with new Blacksmithing Items (Training Projects, Lightningsteel Ingots)

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    30G a stack on herbs would actually be very fine indeed (as you make profit milling and selling crafts at 32G a stack max). It is actually closer to 45G a stack for herbs right now on Mal'Ganis (a super high pop server). Ore is spiking around 60G a stack. None of the other items are catching up in price though, the gems, enchants, belt buckles, etc. When the patch hit, everything spiked a little bit but it was not actually cutting into profits too deeply. After this recent ban wave though, everything has jumped up and I was hoping someone had information on if it would come back down or not.

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    Cab you not just adjust your playstyle instead of relying on the cheats to come back? There was a time when people used to go to herb and mine themselves. If its expensive then adjust your prices. If its still not economical then maube the other players have alternative sources or actually gather mats themslves? Decent ahers will have been accumulating stock at the cheap prices so can probably keep selling on the market for some time yet.

    The bots will be back on new course, but if demand is high, then dont expect the prices to drop for some time.

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