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    Hunter - Stream to watch + some guides?

    I've been unable to find a current (5.2) guide to look at for Hunters. I'm currently leveling him, but plan on doing arenas at 90.

    I want to level using the abilities I'll be using at 90 (obviously the ones I've learned so far).

    Is there any suggested hunters I can watch? BM-specific if possible. Or can anyone point me to an ability priority list, or some sort of guide?

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    Benji streams sometimes, usually playing with Fuzion. He also has a thing against shirts. - http://www.twitch.tv/benjiown
    Tosan is hands down one of the best hunters but he's been playing his mage and monk lately; regardless when he's streaming hunter you can probably get some info. - http://www.twitch.tv/tosantribe

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    Tosan is your best bet.
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