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    Arena capping and added pts

    So I used to read somewhere(blue) that when you don't cap what you have left of your cap gets added to your next weeks cap.

    And at some point if you don't cap at all you get like 1000 bonus cap per week or something. Could someone actually tell me what they are doing with this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    This is something that was going to be implemented in 5.2 but never was.

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    It was never announced for 5.2 IIRC. It's coming in 5.3 though.

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    Pretty much, when you miss out on capping a week, you get not all the points you missed, but 1000 CQ points per week. So if you miss 5 weeks of a season, you will get 5000 Conquest Points added to your next cap. I will try to find the blue post. I'll post it here!
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    the conquest catchup isnt implemented in 5.2 , and it may be ready for 5.3

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    Found it. (Not the blue post)

    "Blizzard has decided to implement a ‘Conquest Point Catch Up Cap.’ On a weekly basis, players that did not participate in any rated Battlegrounds or Arena matches will be awarded a 1,000 point increase in Conquest Point Cap, less the total number of Conquest Points acquired on the season.
    The formula released by Blizzard is below:
    (Current week of the season) * 1000 – (Conquest earned thus far this season)

    For example, say in week 10 you decide you want to play your alt character, but you haven’t done any PvP at all for that season. In addition to your base point cap, you will be able to acquire an additional 10,000 Conquest Points (+1,000 points per week of inactivity). This system will cut down the time it takes for you to catch up to the other PvP players, ensuring you are able to compete. Although this higher cap will help players get into the fray competitively, players that have been competing the entire season will have accumulated points at a faster rate (minimum weekly Conquest Point cap is 1,800 for arena for example). "

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    yes, the "catch up" method will be implemented in 5.3
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