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    Raid fram guidance please!

    Hello, i recently swapped back to the standard Blizzard raid frames, due to the "absorption" tracker, that displays sort of like inccoming heals does.

    i simply have two question.

    Does anyone know a raid frame addon, that effectively does this? (i know Grid 2 had it, but i have had no luck displaying shield + incooming heals.)


    Does anyone know a addon, that lets you customize the buff/debuff's in the blizzard standard frames. (since they would be optimal in that case.)

    Thank you for your time!

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    I have the same question regarding Grid. Would be nice to be able to see the amount of shields on my Grid raid frames.

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    This addon will give you the possibility to configure any buffs/debuffs on the standard frames:


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    Thanks alot to both of you. Vuhdo seems really nice, and doesnt seem to take a whole lot of memory, my future raid frames without a doubt!

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