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    Tips on horridon 10 hc?

    so we killed jin'rokh hc last night and we are going to try horridon tonight.

    we have a blood dk/bear druid, resto sham/holy pally, frost dk, spriest (disc os), dps monk, frost mage, lock, feral druid (can also have a 2nd frost mage)

    average ilvl is 510ish, so not that much. i assume 3 healing is a no due to dps requirements? besides our spriest is the best dps we have, idk what ilvl the resto sham has as elemental. i guess hero is still used in p2 to kill wargod asap, anything specific about how to handle the doors?


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    2 heal it make shadow go disc and a healer go dps. Disc atonement off boss is huge and in p2 spirit shell is almost needed to avoid random deaths.
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    Horridon 10hc really is a toughy fight, and it would not be fun without a Disc priest. Spirit Shell trivialises Dire Call, atonement healing is huge, and they do about 60k dps. I would say Ji'Kun 10hc is a great deal easier.

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