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    Question for the tank paladins out there

    Hi protection paladins!

    First of all, I will introduce myself as a player that likes to tank I have played every single tank at top level.
    Here in mop I started out with my DK but quickly got bored because they hadn't change since wrath, I tried my druid but I quickly remembered why I dropped him in the first place (different forms, can't see gear etc).
    So I tried the new class, monk, and I kind of like it. But I still miss the plate tanking, and especially a shield tank (I really like the look of it).

    But now I have to choose between my warrior or my paladin, but since I have no idea how they changed them (active mitigation stuff) here in mop.
    So my questions is:
    How did the paladin tanking style get changed in mop?

    How would you rate the fun from 1-10 (1 is horrible, 10 is amazing)?

    and extra question if you have tried both warrior and pala:
    What made you pick paladin instead of the warrior?

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    Been discussed to death. Good place to start reading whats already been written is here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...-Paladin-Guide

    As for personal preference:

    I've got all tanks at 90, and main my Paladin. It is, in my (and most other's) opinion, the strongest tank in a 10man and top contender for the spot in 25 as well. The playstyle rewards smart, well-timed/executed players, but doesn't overly punish noobs. That is to say that it's easy to pick up, but there is a very high skill cap.

    Paladin is the most stout tank, but is perhaps the lowest damage tank in the hands of an average player. It requires the most skill to yield highest dps results over any other tank class.

    As for Pal vs War, it comes down to what your raid comp needs. Warriors are great for utility via banners, Rally Cry, and safeguard. Paladins have incredible healing (self and raid), as well as immense utility via hand spells. If you do not have a holy or a ret, I would strongly suggest Paladin over warrior, simply for the use of hands to make mechanics easier. I really don't like how AM effects rage tanks this go-round, so I rarely touch my warrior or bear. I think HoPo/Chi system is great, and runes also work well with AM, so I play my Pal primarily, but love tanking on both DK and monk as well.
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    I just always played paladin. Always been my main. I played warrior to, and it is a lot of fun, especially leveling, still prefer paladin endgame. But that is my personal prefference.
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    The class you play is personal choice. I recommend playing each class (since it seems you already have most if not all of the tanks) and deciding for yourself. Check out the guides if you don't feel like playing it.


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