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    Pvp Ret Racial Help

    Hello everyone. Well I have always enjoyed Ret and pvp. For many reasons I just haven't been doing much. Main is a lock, work, etc etc. Recently I decided to once again level my paladin and be ret. Very easily got to 39, hell I can do it in one day with my boa gear and knowledge of leveling.

    What I want to ask all paladins who pvp and hell even raid is I know racials shouldn't make or break the game for you. However I enjoy humans and dran. Just doing one wsg at 39, I did ok but the gift of the naaru is on a 3 min cd. Humans have a good advantage with Everyman being 2 min.

    If you do arena and random bg's, how do you feel about everyman and gift? I have a prot paladin alt and only tank with him so I want to make a pure Ret paladin alt. And i do like pvp so before i level even higher today, what is your opinion on the pros and cons for each race?

    I easily can re name myself and make a human and again getting to 39 i can literally do in under 8 hours, which is nothing for me right now with my job schedule changing. So any advice feel free. Even if your a belf or tauren, why choose them to be a paladin with?

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    My main paladin is and always has been Human, racial don't make or break pvp. However EMFH and 2 trinkets is pretty boss!
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    yeah i mean i don't think it would break it overall, but yes i mean having a built in 2 min trinket and having now 2 available seems like a good option versus a 20% heal every 3 mins that is still a hot

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