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    [Frost] Council 10m Frost Bomb or NT?

    Hey there fellow Mages!

    Two questions here:

    1. Do you prefer Frost Bomb on Council? Or Nether Tempest?

    2. If Nether Tempest, are you multidotting that thing like crazy? Or just keeping it on your empowered target and maybe one other?

    Thank you for your time!

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    I'm only doing 25 normal at the moment, so your mileage may vary, but I find placing NT on all available targets to work very well. That said, if your group is having trouble burning the empowered boss out of the empowerment, you may need to sacrifice some overall dps by letting NT drop off of a target or two to eek out a bit more on your primary target.

    One thing I noticed that really helps is that all the targets including the loa spirits (though not the sand mobs) are placed as boss1, boss2, etc frames. So if you have a unit frame addon such as suf that can display boss frames, you can easily track your NT on all the bosses (and quickly target the loa spirit as well). I do this in combination with Weak Auras which I have set to overlay a NT timer on my boss frames for each possible boss. This way I can use a mouseover macro to reapply NT as it falls off by more or less clicking right on the timers as they tick down. Much easier than picking the right one out on the field or tabbing through.
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    I pretty think that all 3 bombs are viable option on this fight :

    • NT - multi-dotting every things, easy switch on Loa
    • LB - better damage on packed 3 targets with a 1s GCD
    • FB - better on Living Sand, help on empowered troll

    All in all, it depend on you're task and the size of you're raid.
    The answers is 42

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    NT Multidotting is VERY nice for all specs on council. It's not considered scumbag dps either, which is the nice part.
    Frost Bomb, I don't know anyone that uses that bomb since the patch. So I have no input on that, but NT from personal experience is brilliant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathyiel View Post
    All in all, it depend on you're task and the size of you're raid.
    I believe this is a solid answer. It depends on what your group's dynamics are like. What your roll is like. Heck, if you are having learning attempts on council, give it a try. Tomes are cheap.
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    NT works wonder's, as on pretty much all of the bosses in tot.

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