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    Unerring Vision of Lei-Shen - Weakaura help!

    Hi guys! Warlock here!

    - Just got my Trinket, though i simply don't know how to set it up in Weakauras - any1 has a string for it?

    Also i think it really sucks for me lol (destro lock) it should hit for so much, but before the Chaos bolt travels to the target, the buff is already gone..... But yeah a Weakaura string would be EPIC!

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    Don't have access to WoW at the moment (so can't get you help on an aura), but I'm relatively sure that the stats for Chaos Bolt- and all casts- are calculated at cast time, and travel time isn't taken into account. So it shouldn't matter how long it takes Chaos Bolt to reach the target, if the buff was present when the cast when off it'll be present when it hits.

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