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    Has anyone had luck petitioning to move an entire guild?

    I'm not talking about a guild move as per the paid service. I'm talking about a guild and all of its members, or the ones that want to move, etc. As it sits, my guild is pretty small 6-8 active players at any given time. We have been around since vanilla; however, we're not married to our server. We have a sister guild on another server that is also relatively small that we reconnected with during Cata. Between our two guilds, we're currently cross-realm raiding 5.1 content. While it's fun, I'd love to have the option to do current content with them. Currently, other than LFR, this is the only type of raiding we can do. Short of paying for every single character/alt they wish to move, there's going to be no option to do this, correct?

    I understand it's all about the bottom-line for Blizzard, but for some of our folks who have MCS (Multiple Character Syndrome), it'll be a sizeable cost to move. Additionally, as some have families and tighter budgets, this just isn't in the cards. I wish there was a "move an entire guild" paid service that had a flat, or even ramping fee, but there isn't. Has anyone else dealt with this?

    I'm fully prepared to hear, "You're SOL", but I thought I'd check and see if anyone out there has had a different experience.

    Thank you!

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    I can't imagine Blizzard implementing this. Myself and a handful of other guildees want to faction change, but it's difficult to convince all our core members to join us. Some of them already server + faction changed to join us in MoP so I would feel bad asking them to do it again, haha.

    If Blizzard did implement a flat fee for a Transfer Guild feature for like $200, I would do it without another thought. However, I can imagine people exploiting this feature by buying their way (via gold or a portion of that $200 fee) into a transferring guild to save on costs.

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    Last 3 times I asked they told me "Rerolls are free, you can pay to move your guild or just one character with your guild and start over. Have a nice day" So I finally gave away the guild and paid to move my 3 alts to my current realm. Good luck with that cause all they seem to say is no, or feel free to use the options currently available. $150 later, I am happy and honestly don't know why I didn't just spend the $ sooner.

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