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    Conspiracy Craft: Zandalari

    A great article for you all to read over at --REMOVED--, This one concerning the lore behind the Zandalari.


    For other articles and news check out the website and live shows.

    Hope on over and check it out
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    Honestly, I hope King Rastakhan becomes the Troll racial leader for horde with a kind of troll confederacy of tribes. Just to justify allowing players to pick between being a Jungle (Darkspear, Gurubashi remnants), Ice (Drakkari remnants), Forest (Revantusk, Amani remnants), Sand (Farraki remnants) or Zandalari Troll.

    I love myself some customisation.

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    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that based on spamming to 10 posts so you could post this, then sign out, you are just here to advertise this site.

    Not allowed. Closing.

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