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    Fix My Dps ( Fury) Reward 60 day game card

    Fix My Dps ( Fury) Reward 60 day game card

    Hello MMO Champion Warriors

    I am kinda stuck and not sure what i am doing wrong .. I have really good Burst dps at the start of the fight , then it starts to die down big time . I try to fit in as many abilities when CS debuff is on .

    I have not had success with execute phase . CS 4 executes then normal rotation till cs is back then more executes


    Any ideas on reforge or anything

    My real id is --REMOVED--

    I will reward somebody 60 day game card for helping me get better take care and enjoy all
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    For reforge use reforgelite. Its the easiest addon to get the stats you desire you can tell the addon to cap at 7,5hit/expertise and then make a priority list of stats. I see you have above 8% hit and I am not sure whether it's because your items are flooded with hit or you reforged/gemmed wrong.
    It's also very easy to handle. You set your preset to fury and press calculate. Then the addon shows your what to improve and when you click on the Show button you can use that to instantly reforge everything at the reforger with just one buttom pressed.

    For gems I used this http://www.icy-veins.com/fury-warrio...ts-consumables.

    In execute phase it is very important to pool 120 rage when CS is going to come back up again. Moreover you want to have cooldowns up when you enter 20%. So if the boss is at 24% and your cooldowns are up you don't pop them right away. You can also use leap to get away from the boss and charge back to him to get extra rage to help getting of more executes.
    I can see in your log that you did not line up execute with recklessness. You have 8 noncrit executes which is a huge dps loss. Your fight lasted longer than 3 minutes so you could have used recklessness twice. At the beginning when you pull the boss and at the end of the fight. The good thing about popping every cooldown at the beginning of a fight it that it lines up pretty nicely with Dancing Steel/Trinket proccs/Pots/skullbanner from other warriors etc. So you get a huge dps boss when you time your cooldowns properly.

    Your Glyphs and Spells are pretty much okay.

    When in phase where heavy aoe damage is incoming like jin rok thunderstorm phase you can switch to berserker stance for that period of time to gain extra rage so you can pull off a few more heroic strikes. But this is kinda heavy to remember doing, especially when you fight a boss for the first time.
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    Using heroic leap should be ~1.5k dps increase
    Looks like you had 1.5 min reck could have been used 3 times, without the 4pT14 just use it at the start and end.
    Not sure if it's best to use your 2nd pot during bloodlust+fluidity, I would use it just before the 3 min mark so that you have it during 2nd recklessness.
    Your last bloodbath and your last CS aren't in sync seems the last 2 CS are a bit delayed.
    Can reforge your helm to mastery to loose some hit, legs mastery>crit hands hit>mastery to gain some crit and loose expertise.

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    I've digged into your logs and I'll compare yours to mine (I did 204381.9 DPS last week on Jin'rokh).
    ->You're saying that you're "trying to fit in as many abilities when CS debuff is on". These abilities should NOT be Wild Strike (not saying you're using Wild Strike), I'm saying just in case.
    ->These abilities should be 1Bloodthirst, Raging Blow(s) and Heroic Strike(s) (SPAM). So you'll need around 100+ rage before using Colossus Smash to fit as much Heroic Strike as possible. SO if you have a Raging Blow proc when your CS is on cooldown, BUT CS cd will be back up before your Raging Blow proc fall off, YOU MUST SAVE THAT RAGING BLOW to use it into the CS Debuff. Unless you have 2 Raging Blow Procs, then you should use one before the CS, then save the other for the CS.
    ->Now for the Heroic Strike SPAM during CS Debuff, I'll let you compare my logs to yours using Expression Editor in World of Logs.
    You just need to click on [Timeline] then [Plot spells timeline] and you'll see exactly when you pressed which key. These links will show you when you pressed Heroic Strike, Colossus Smash, Execute(not working idk why), Recklessness, Dragon Roar, Bloodbath.
    THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS COLOSSUS SMASH AND HEROIC STRIKE (FOR NOW). The first square on the Colossus Smash line is when CS Debuff opens, and then 6 secs after you see another square which means the CS Debuff ended. Now over the CS window you can see Heroic Strike. Each square is a Heroic Strike. Now look at how I concentrate my Heroic Strike into the CS Debuff compared to yours who looks to be all over the place. To fix that, you must save rage for CS Debuff, so you can spam Heroic Strike as much as you have rage (while using a bloodthirt and Raging Blows, with Dragon Roar/Bloodbath just before if you have it off cd). To save rage, it means that you don't need to use non-proced Wild Strike once you have a free CD. You can and you must save that rage for CS Debuff, IF your CS is comming off CD soon.
    My logs of normal Jin'rokh25 -> worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-pydehwv5cjgglmst/xe/?s=1811&e=2004&x=sourcename%3D%22Nem%22+and+spell%3D%22Heroic+Strike%22+or+spell%3D%22Colo ssus+Smash%22+and+sourcename%3D%22Nem%22+or+spell%3D%22Execute%22+and+sourcename%3D%22Nem% 22+or+spell%3D%22Recklessness%22+and+sourcename%3D%22Nem%22+or+spell%3D%22Dragon+Roar%22+a nd+sourcename%3D%22Nem%22+or+spell%3D%22Bloodbath%22+and+sourcename%3D%22Nem%22
    You logs of normal Jin'rokh25 -> worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-l6sweh80u7hpt4xu/xe/?s=1297&e=1508&x=sourcename%3D%22Spikess%22+and+spell%3D%22Heroic+Strike%22+or+spell%3D%22 Colossus+Smash%22+and+sourcename%3D%22Spikess%22+or+spell%3D%22Execute%22+and+sourcename%3 D%22Spikess%22+or+spell%3D%22Recklessness%22+and+sourcename%3D%22Spikess%22+or+spell%3D%22 Dragon+Roar%22+and+sourcename%3D%22Spikess%22+or+spell%3D%22Bloodbath%22+and+sourcename%3D %22Spikess%22

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    i take a look on one random CS dump phase..
    you used BT, IV, CS, HS, BT, RB, HS, heroic throw, BT, HS

    problem is, if you use your BT right after CS your cs window will look like this: CS BT ____ _____ BT (____ is place for filler so RB>WS, HS between everything)

    in your case you get only 2 chances of getting enrage(3 with berserk) cause even if your last BT crit, you cant use RB inside of CS window cause its over...
    so you should delayed CS and use BT CS ___ BT ____ ____

    and change your CDs macro.. you did: BB+strings then DR after that you used reckle, SB, BF, berserk(while you were enraged from BT before BB+string+dr, it was waste of berserk)

    you should use everything WITHOUT reckle then DR then reckle(you lost burst using DR before other CDs)
    Berserk before DR only if youre not enraged

    after this you did same bad CS windows with BT right after CS instead of before CS -> so i think youre doing it all time this way...

    and the same things guys above me allready wrote... HL while CS, delay CDs so you can use it in execute phase, etc

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    I wrote a small guide for you, but apparently Mods need to "validate" it.

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    There is a Fix-My-Dps thread to use, and we definitely do not support people giving away cards or any sort of financial transaction, so I'm closing this.

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