Thrust of Dark Iron-US is currently recruiting ranged dps for our 25 man team.

We have been around since early Vanilla and has always competed in end-game content. After consideration we are changing back to a 25 man raiding guild that. We are looking for some dedicated players that can perform flawlessly and also possess a good learning attitude. We believe hard work results in reward. So if you perform well and maximize everything about your class and play your class like a pro this might be a good fit for you!

Our raid times are 6:00pm PST - 9pm PST Tuesday - Thursday. (Monday possible for clean-up)

Our schedule is pretty casual but we aim for quality over quantity. In order for us to progress and compete, we expect our raiders to adhere to the following requirements:

1. A stable Internet Connection and have 90% attendance.
2. Ventrillo and MUST be able to communicate at any point or given time.
3. A positive attitude and accept criticism at any point during or after the raid.
4. You must not bring drama into the guild. It will be dealt with swiftly usually resulting in a kick
5. Progression should be the only goal. Come here to learn from fights and be competitive. Do not join this guild because you want purples. Come here to wipe and push end game content to the next level.

If you fit all of these conditions, we would love to hear from you!

Come Apply at
-Contact Hardtix, Mooga, or Bopcommander in-game for more information.