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    askmrrebot bis dw 12.77% hit rating with fable,primordius trinket

    its that normal for dw frost(read title)?also blue socket gem with 60 str bonus,160 hit 80 str >160 str.

    at those ilvl full bis 55k attack power make good physical melee hit?

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    Generally its smarter than that for real gear. I think the issue is that it is jsut directly picking the "Best" piece of gear for your stat weights. It doesn't actually optimize the BiS gear. Meaning since Hit/Exp are king, it just picks gear with that on it and doesn't worry about caps. Not smart but thats just how it works. (as far as can tell)

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    Hit over cap is stil worth ~.9-1.2, so with a Strength socket bonus, hit/str gems make sense to me.

    Aside from that, the hit rating is only 10% which is probably just due to Feather. It has an amazing proc, to be honest.
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    There's alot of hit/exp floating around this patch. I've at 10.8% atm as 2H and I literally can't get rid of anymore.

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    simply prioritize pieces accordingly to try not to go over 8 % hit, so you can make the most of your pieces, try for the zone drop 2hand or lei shen for no hit and try to extinguish as many hit pieces as possible, if all fails and your sitting at a high % of hit just run Spark/Rage they are still both very good trinkets and you never know one may be thunderforged, allowing you to make excuses to yourself for not using the feather.

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