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    Question What kind of music do you listen to?

    Hey all. I recently started making PVP videos on youtube to get better at it with the communities help. I post a video, people tell me how I can improve myself by watching it and seeing how I play. I liked to think I've gotten pretty good over the past week, but a few people have complained about the music I listen to . now I know people like different things, but I've decided to start this poll to see what WoW players listen to mostly while playing the game.

    Below in this video is the music I played, don't make fun of me >.>

    I can't seem to figure out how to get a poll to work.. so until I do feel free to post a comment below saying what genre/artist you listen to and enjoy the most while playing world of warcraft. Thanks for reading!

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    Rule #1 when making videos:
    DON'T ADD MUSIC!!!!!!

    You can be absolutely sure, that 99% of the viewers will NOT share your taste in music, regardless if it's pop, rock, metal, folk music or whatever...
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