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    Make Gilneas fully Filled with Alliance Control, and Make Gilneas City a capital

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    Though on second thought I would just revert back most of the changes half of you have suggested.

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    Moonkin form and tree form are deleted, outside of that talent which gives you a cooldown

    because they're stupid
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    Anyone of these 4:

    - Get rid of 10m and go back to only 25m raiding. no more hardmodes but harder normal instances where clearing it once was the content, not having to clear it again on hard mode (burning crusade)

    - Fix the scaling of stat gains per expansion. Going from 7k hp in BC to over 500k now is just ridiculous. DPS numbers are to the point were you need 10 spaces on a calculator instead of 6.

    - Force smaller realms to close and make 20 relatively full servers compared to 100 empty ones. This would solve all the issues with LFR and the need for cross realm zones and return a sense of the realm community. Would also greatly improve world pvp!

    -Stop catering to casuals so the game finally dies and I can successfully quit.

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    Give me some fucking high elves.

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