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  • Ranged

    7 63.64%
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    4 36.36%
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    Ranged or Melee Dps 5.2?

    Hey guys I am just coming back to WoW and I wanted some opinions on the comparison between ranged and melee dps in ToT. I am trying to decide between a shadow priest and an unholy/frost dk...I am not a fotm player its just I havent played since 4.3 and would like some suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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    Ranged > Melee in nearly every scenario

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    So in a raiding scenario a group would prefer a spriest over a unholy dk? How is unholy dps anyways?

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    Yes it will be slightly better but honestly just play what you enjoy the most.

    Unholy is good single target, but alot of the bosses have adds and can be cleaved etc, which makes frost alot better.

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