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    Question Using Colossus Smash on Megaera (10 man)


    Question, I've been wondering how to maximize DPS output on Megaera (10 man). Any idea what will give the most DPS?
    - Use Colossus Smash on cooldown so it can be used more often during a fight (basicly when a head dies, I only lose 1, max 2 GCD's to position for Rapture stacking).
    - Sometimes delay Colossus Smash up to 10 seconds just so it can be used along with Execute on the heads.

    I've tried both models, and it appeared it netted me around the same amount of DPS (between 115-130k overall on the fight).

    Any ideas?
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    Assuming you're fury, you should delay CS for executes. Especially if you are SMF.

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    It really depends on a lot of things, like how fast the boss is dying. If I recall, it's 7 heads to kill. If your raid group looks like it's going for a full 7 minutes, you shouldn't have to delay as it should work out to be CS on start/Rampage, then at 50% then at execute range. If it's shorter, like each head is only getting 2 CS, using it during rampage and execute would be ideal. A huge thing is to be in Berserker Stance for Rampage and you should be able to dump a lot of heroic strikes for a lot of damage.

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