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    The first reply covered it.

    The world doesn't revolve around you OP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soloz View Post
    Keep in mind the top guilds run multiple alt runs to funnel gear to mains, the average guild won't do that. Not saying 25s gear slower or anything though.
    Implying that 10 man guilds like Paragon and Moonz doesn't do this? You're crazy.
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    Seriously, this is so obvious. In 10 man you get what, 2 drops? If both drops are leather and you have no leather users, that loot is wasted. In 25 man you get 5-6 drops? Pretty much every one of these items will be needed as you have a more diverse group.

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    Rng is rng, these type of threads are pointless because they discuss rng.
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