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    Megaera help and healing/dps advice

    So we are on Megaera and wiped about 15 times last night trying out a different combo of heads. Some people are telling me that we should try and 4 heal it but I think its just a matter of getting the right combination of heads.

    The main order we used was G - R - G - R - B - G - R , but only have gotten to blue and started the green one. We are trying to save lust for 6 or 7th head but we havent even gotten to that head yet.

    Our set us is.

    Dk Tank
    Druid Tank
    Priest Disc Heals
    Monk Healer
    Pally Healer
    Lock DPS
    Hunter DPS
    Ele Shaman DPS
    Warrior DPS
    Mage or Boomkin DPS

    We usually have a resto druid and our monk is our DPS but he's out for the next week. Also Im noticing that the warrior is padding the meters with sweeping strikes, I do not know warriors to well so is that a DPS loss since it doesn't matter that we are hitting the other head, or just doing it to pad the meters for DPS or is it just part of the rotation?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    thank ou

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    At this point it would be most helpful to get some logs to look at. You're using a pretty common strategy for kill order and as long as you're confident in your group's handling of mechanics, it just comes down to numbers.

    For your warrior, sweeping strikes does not hinder his single target, so don't concern yourself with that.

    The thing to look at would be how man breaths get out on each head before it dies. 2 is great, 3 is ok, but will be tougher on tanks/healers. If you're getting a 4th, it probably means your dps need to step it up a bit. Alternatively, if you go to 4-heal, you can deal with slower dps on the heads with the increased healing.

    After that, look at what's killing you. Are tanks dying to breath hits or DoT damage? Is rampage just overwhelming your healers? Are fire pools getting dropped to close to the raid and causing issues, or on the other side, are cinders not being dispelled quickly enough?
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    We rotate between green and red, starting on the green, get your hpala (if he hasnt already) to spec into hand of purity for the stacks on the tank when hes tanking red, it really helps, since the debuff is quite nasty especially at 3+ stacks. Mark up 2 spots for stacking during rampage (one in melee range of the red head and one in melee range of the green head) and sort a defensive cd rotation to make it easier on you, this way your tanks and melee dps can DPS the heads during rampage, which shortens the fight. Dispel the fire debuff asap, just make sure noone is actually on the stacking spots unless you stack. We heroism on the 6th head (Fire) to keep the stacks down to 2 at maximum, it's supposed to be rather healing intensive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurzior View Post

    For your warrior, sweeping strikes does not hinder his single target, so don't concern yourself with that.
    It costs 30 rage. Every 10 seconds. How can you say it does not hinder single target. The warrior is definitely padding meters. Doing something like that on progresson is mind blowingly stupid and should just get himself a kick from raid spot.

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    We do b r b r b g b or something like that. The rampage and stacks don't do much dmg anymore same with the breath. I have the kill uploaded on YouTube shiinjiwow. Hand of purity works wonders! Placing fires is easy I'll upload a new kill next week since we rolled him over yesterday the nerf bat kinda destroyed the epic ness for our guild yesterday

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    Due to several nerfs, the boss shouldn't be that difficult any longer.
    We do G R G R G R G. Make sure that you stack near the next head so that your dds can nuke 20 seconds during the rampage. (Well, you only have one melee ^^). When the 3rd red head appears, we use time warp to nuke it. Don't waste your raid cooldowns for the first rampages as they are easy to heal.

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    The order you're doing is fine, and is exactly what my group does. If you're having trouble with this boss, you need to go farm some 509 in HOF/TOES with the 10% nerf. Ji-kun is cake, but everything after will be extremely hard for you if you can't get the double nerfed Megaera.

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    brgbrg <bloodlust/heroism during Rampage> b

    That's what we end up doing.

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    If the problem is indeed the healing, what we did we changed the common positioning a bit and ended up stacking the raid in melee all the way till the end. Just moving back and forth when the poison bomb is coming. Easier to top people after the explosion when they are stacked. If blue is killed then you need to spread out ofc hence the torrent, but we dont kill blue till the very end if at all.

    We tried stacking strategy both in 10 and 25 and it seemed to work out fine for both. Especially now when the dps requirement has been brought down.

    The bombs will drop at quite a rate in the end, at that point healers can get out of the stack if moving and healing becomes an issue.

    2 healers + spriest with divine star or 3 healers in 10's.
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