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    Quote Originally Posted by Helltrixz View Post
    Wait, how does double grip help you there, except vs bad players that grip into grounding? Anyone that isn't mentally challenged will just wait 3 sec anyway?
    True, but it's still 3 additional seconds you'll have uptime on your target

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    And i can't wait for the DG+Leap of faith+DG again into a 3v1.
    Quote Originally Posted by Urban Dictionary
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    How many dks actually double grip the same target? Generally you want to grip your target and another annoying ranged so you can spread diseases or interrupt casts or get them out of position. Only time I grip same target is a mage when I know hes going to blink and dark sim is down or something. Thats really the issue with it, hell dks hardly need uptime anyway considering over half their abilities are ranged. Spec deaths advance, unless your rooted you are literally unkitable.

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    Yeah I'm sure the slow is totaly going to stop you, or are you refering to the roots whom can be dispelled easily and will be gone in an instant since hardly any DK is playing without a healer?
    Judging from your previous posts a DK always got a dispeller within range and shamans are always alone in their bg or arena team.
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    Let's keep this on track. This has nothing to do with breasts.
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    Dude we are a world leader in refugee intake. You need to get your facts straight.

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    Frankly, if you're getting DG grounded a lot, toss a howling blast or death coil at them and it eats the ground!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drikkink View Post
    Frankly, if you're getting DG grounded a lot, toss a howling blast or death coil at them and it eats the ground!
    Why would you bother when you can just DG again? It's the removal of all these small things that's currently destroying the game imo. I feel retarded when I play. I jump around spamming instant lava bursts until the DK(or w/e class is training me) was so busy trying to kill me he forgot to kill the capacitator totem. At this point I instant hex the healer, pop ascendance and spam my nr 3 button a few times and hopefully he's dead. Whoopdeedoo, outplayed gg fml...

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