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    new resto druid quick question

    hello, im moving from kitty to tree and wondering if for pvp i need to stack all spirit gear. i see some resto druids get the mastery/crit belt over the spirit/haste and found it confusing. i know some fights in arenas dont end until healer is oom. any suggestions?? thx

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    you need enough spirit and a lot of resilience.

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    It really depends on your playstyle, most druids who run setups with class who gives 5% haste buff they reforge haste to 4717, if not running with 5% haste buff go for 3028haste.

    PvP Resilience > Intellect > PvP Power > Mastery > Spirit > Excess haste > Crit

    Gem full resi except on red slot on head+chest, there u want int+resi gems.
    You also want boomkin head, because resto gives spirit crit. About offsets yeah i'd go for the mastery haste ones if resto offsets gives you crit+spirit.

    Hope this helps you!

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    Frankly, those people are doing it wrong. You want the Spirit/Haste belt.

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