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    haunting spirets not 100%?

    Hey in my 10man guild we have dissed 7 raid drobs over the 3 resets, but only gotten 5 spirets, healer tinket form megera and tank tinket form dark animus didet give us any, so would like to know if others have thise problems aswell or is it simply not 100% chance to get one?

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    I heard that trinkets specifically are not giving spirits. If it's a bug or not, I'm not sure.

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    Trinkets do not currently grant Haunting Spirits when disenchanted. This is unintended according to the GM I spoke to when inquiring about it.
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    The same story with the Durumu's crossbow. GM told me it should be like that but I still reported it as a bug.

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    From the Hotfixes of March 27th: (on the front page)

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

    Fixed an issue where zone drops were incorrectly disenchanting into Haunting Spirit.
    So apparently it's not just things NOT disenchanting into Haunting Spirits, but also stuff that was, but shouldn't.

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