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    How to pull as arms

    I've been trying out arms, and i know how to do the standard rotation etc. but i have no idea what to do to optimise the pull, i end up doing 50-60k less dps on my pull as arms than do as fury. For fury it would just be:
    Skullbanner + BB + Dragon's roar, Reck + CS, RB, BT, RB, RB, BT, RB, RB, BT

    When doing that i always get a great burst depending on how many RB's crit, i can peak up to 250k in my 500 ilvl Gear.

    When i try pull as arms i end up getting like tops 130k if that. ATM all i'm doing is:

    Skullbanner + BB + Dragon's Roar, Reck + MS, CS, OP, OP, MS, OP, OP, Slam, MS, OP, OP, Slam and fitting in extra CS in the pull if they proc but i seemed to be doing very bad burst this way.

    Note my SMF weapons are 522 and 510 while my arms weapon is 504, but would that make so much of a difference?

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    Arms does not have very good starting burst at all. I think the highest burst I hit during the start with heroism, pre-pot, all my CDs up etc is only 160k-180k DPS with a 507 ilevel. Kinda sucks when you see everyone else in the raid doing 200-350k DPS for the duration of heroism. Our CDs are just not very good compared to what everyone else gets.

    It evens out though after that. The only thing you can change is to use slam more at the start since you won't overcap OP charges on your next two MS swings and OP crit chance is 120% (for me anyway) and slam is at 60% ish. So something like MS first (for a chance to proc trinkets/enrage, if it doesn't proc use zerker rage) -> SB + BB + DR -> Reck + CS -> Slam -> MS (4 OP charges) -> Slam -> Slam -> OP -> CS if it's back up, otherwise Slam since you should have only one or two GCDs left on Reck at this point, then back to normal rotation. It's kinda prone to RNG with the reck change since you may not crit multiple slams and that will hurt your starting burst even more, but yeah, what can you do?
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    I'm opening with Ms-OP-DragonR+bb-CS+reck-MS-3xOP-MS gives a bit of time to get my trinkets to proc(hc lei shen+vp trinket is 12.7k strength on proc) and does about 200k burst at the start (510 ilvl). You never want to use OP as last ability during CS always go with either MS, slam or CS. Don't forget to heroic leap once CS is up.

    Still using a 504 weapon for me a 522 would be a 10k dps increase and thunderforged 528 even 14k not sure if weapons for SMF are as big an upgrade as they are for arms but it does make a decent difference.

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    You don't use Heroic Strike when swimming in rage at the start?

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    I do 2 heroic strikes in the first CS, but that should be obvious any excess rage (need about 30-40 to maintain rotation) can be used for heroic strikes except for when getting close to 20% on the boss then save the rage for executes.

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    I've gotten it be high as 330k dps, but that's with something like Charge -> Recklessness+banner -> MS -> CS -> Stormbolt -> SL -> SL -> MS and maybe one HS in between. Using DR after CS drops and then continuing CS and normal rotation. Without SB (if I choose BB for example) I can't compete with burst against fury at all.

    I'm so unlucky that I haven't gotten a single gear from the ToT raid btw, so just running with the valor gears for now...
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