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    Addons to quickly place world markers?

    I am looking to find a tool to help me efficiently place world markers down during raid (planning ahead for Durumu if you are curious, but I have always thought something of the sort would be quite useful)

    I use quick mark for my target icons so something similar would be nice. If nothing is out there then a macro would work as well (might even be the best option).

    Thanks in advance!

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    I use marking bar available on curse. Has capability for world markers and target icons, found it quite useful while tanking.

    Nothing fancy, small ui, intuitive... definitely recommend

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xorkrik View Post
    You don't have to have that addon installed if you simply want to make macros for it.

    You can put this in a macro:
    /click CompactRaidFrameManagerDisplayFrameLeaderOptionsRaidWorldMarkerButton
    /click DropDownList1Button1
    1 is blue. 2 is green. 3 is purple. 4 is red. 5 is white and 6 is cancel flare.

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    I like to use Opie for that.

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    try /wm 1, /wm 2 ...

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    I use http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/wmarker-addon for Durumu. You can keybind the world marks and place them fast.

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    Offers keybinds and a little window to show which worldmarkers are already placed.

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