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    I need some help with possibly some LUA edits for my new UI!

    Hello fellas.

    I'm remaking my UI and I have stumpled upon an issue that bothers me.
    It's about DBM.

    Here's a picture of my UI - notice the DBM bars and my proc bar / cast bar.

    I pretty much need the DBM bars to look exactly like my cast bar, but I'm having some difficulties with it because DBM doesn't have any borders and I cannot do transparency on the DBM bar that's filling (the black) either. How do I go about doing that?

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    Not sure how extensive your modifications are but your UI appears to be a mod of LUI. I would suggest getting in touch with it's author or the LUI community in general. They may be able to assist you with modifications.

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    My UI is indeed based on LUI, but my question is about DBM - not LUI.
    Whether you're using LUI or not has nothing to do with the issues I am having with DBM at the moment =)

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