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    Favorite Quotes from Guild Wars 2 Manifesto

    I've always loved ANet due to their awesome work in GW1.
    When they released the Guild Wars 2 Manifesto, I was very excited.

    Today, my favorite quotes from that video are, in the most sarcastic way:
    "I swung a sword, I swung it again, hey! I swung it again. That's great, we just don't want players to grind in GW2. No one enjoys that. No one finds it fun. We wanna change the way that people view combat."

    "As a structure, the MMO has lost the ability to make the player feel like a Hero. Everybody around you is doing the same thing you're doing. The boss you just killed respawns 10 minutes later. It doesn't care that I'm there.

    "Your story will affect things around you in a very permanent way."
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    "GW2 takes everything you love about GW1 and puts it into a fully persistent world"

    I crai ervyteim.

    Then rage.

    Then crai some more.

    ANet the betrayer. Fuck the manifesto.

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    Closing this down.

    -- Fencers

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