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    CKD - Hardcore 10man Recruiting Healer!!

    Hey everyone!

    About us:
    Cobra Kai Dojo is a new hardcore 10m guild on Barthilas whose goals are to seek top tier progression while not raiding the countless hours of the few top guilds.
    CKD is a joint merger between the core of Asphyxia Group 1 and multiple members from Nocturnus Vexillari.

    Previous Progression from core members:

    7/7H FL pre-nerf
    8/8H DS 5% (First week of this nerf)
    16/16H T14 pre-5.2 finishing the tier Oceanic 7th (US 99th overall)

    We want the sort of players who can think on his/her feet and make good decisions in split seconds. Do your job instead of pad. Stay focused while adjusting to unexpected during a fight. The ability to play all the specs of your class. We want players who strive to be the best at their class and can put up the performances to show this.

    We spend 16 hours a week together in raid and on Vent. We like a good laugh and some of us make terrible jokes. We're not looking for asshats. We want good fellow raiders who are similarly driven and can take a bad pun once in a while.

    Us: We have the desire to compete with the best without throwing bodies at the boss for countless hours until it falls over. We are all similarly driven to this goal and don't accept anything less than 100% from ourselves, if you are looking to become a competitive force within the oceanic raiding scene, this is the place for you!

    Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday: 8.00pm - 12.00pm Server Time.



    However, all applicants will be reviewed.

    If you are interested and believe you have what it takes contact me via battletag: Apolloz#1889 or Apply at ckd.enjin.com Thanks for your time.

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    Boomie/Mage come at us!
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    Urgently in need of TANKS!!

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    Tanks,mage, boomie, talk to me baby

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