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    Razer Naga help

    Just came back from wow, and back then i didnt have problems with my naga button settings. i set the naga buttons to be the numpad buttons (button 1 was numpad 1 and 2 was numpad2 and so on). but now the buttons are set to something weird like "end" "pg on" "insert". anyone know whats going on? also only naga buttons 11 and 12 are set to the way i want it (N- and N+), which is odd...

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    Is your Numlock on?

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    Try going into the razer synapse thing and see if you can fix it there

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    When you numlock is turned off your numpad does not use numbers but the arrows etc

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    When you bind numpad with shift modifiers, you'll end up with PgDn, PgUp, Home, End, Up, Down, Left and Right. There's nothing you can do about it, that's what shift and numpad do.

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    Yeah that's just the way it works. Doesn't really affect you unless you actually use those pgdwn, pageup, home, end set of buttons for something.

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    I rebound my naga keys to not be numpad keys but control-1, control-2, etc. That way shift modifiers work perfectly well with them.

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