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    The $10 is only to get quality above 480p

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    con tu hermana.
    "different from our other games" does not necesarily mean new IP it could be an fps, a stock market simulator, etc.

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    A card game, rly?

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    As i said, crowd goes meh! First bad game from blizzard?

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    thanks for nerfing my essence of the breeze blizzard, what's next doing to nerf the flask too? hell why not nerf everything you get off a rare to have 6 hour cooldowns while you're at it, 10 minute molten core runs from bouncing around and having fun is not cheating, fun items should be sought after not "oh i could get this but i can only use this for 1/5th of the game, nah i won't bother"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobzor View Post
    A card game, rly?
    Yes really..

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    Am I the only one that noticed the swirl on the back of the blizzard note matches that of a Hearthstone? I will bet its a wow themed iso / mobile somthing.

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    The new game is Blizzard Reveals Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

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    Can that Daily Blink wallpaper be made for all classes, please and thx ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultramarine View Post
    Can that Daily Blink wallpaper be made for all classes, please and thx ?
    ^ erm this

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