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    Heroic Sha of Fear 25 post-patch

    We finished Lei Shen 25 this week and will have time to go back and work on this, how much of this is basically zergable after the patch and how much still has to be done properly?

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    You still have to do it properly but the healing is alot easier since you burn through the fight quicker and get less dread spawns towards the end, I'd assume.

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    It's still a boring drawn out terribly designed fight.
    Just shorter than before.
    It's not just 'zergable' you still need to do it properly.
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    Blizzard offered cardboard cut outs with poster pictures of bosses stapled on them upside down and sideways and many players now feel that is raiding.

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    90% of "instant death" is still "instant death". 90% of "way too much hitpoints" is still "a ton of hitpoints" and 90% of "don't stand in Spouts you moron" is still a dead raider. Same Death Blossom and multiple Penetrating Bolts hits. And throwing ball like crazy.

    Sure, boss will be dead before the really dangerous waves of adds start, but it's still a long way to get there.

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    H Sha with 520 ilvl and the 10% nerf is like doing H Will of the Emperor with 500 ilvl vs doing it week 1 with 470 ilvl.

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    You will still have to do the fight the same way, however if you were doing it before and had the mechanics down, it should be much easier now. Dread thrash damage down, add aoe damage down, platform add hp and damage down, hp on phase 2 adds down. All points to a much shorter and less random fight. Not to mention the 5-6 ilvl increase on the raid.

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    We did it on 10 man, but if you are mostly 515-520 ilvl ppl then yes. You can zerg it. However you need to pass the ball decent or you will still get raped by the thing they do.

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    zerging implies you can ignore all mechanics and just burn boss. you still have to do every mechanic pre-nerf. the only difference with this nerf is that it will be easier to heal, and it wont take as long.

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    If you ignore ball throwing in 10M to break huddles asap you're gonna have a surprise.

    About 25... more or less the same i'd imagine.

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    Tried this a bit, got it to 20% but have some questions.

    What's the best way to find the centre of the room besides just trying to eyeball where the adds meet up?

    When to stop breaking huddles that aren't on healers?

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    If you see the faint grey circle on your minimap of the Dread Expanse, the "center" for purpose of add grouping is slightly N-NW of the center of the circle. Hunters from guilds before salute you in your attempt to group up adds. The easiest way is for your hunters to have Track Elementals, and give them assist to throw down a world marker. They should be able to roughly adjust it each wave til perfect, then it's there for the rest of the night.

    And if you're talking 25 man for breaking huddles, just stop breaking huddles at all after the 5th wave (last wave of 3 adds). Even if they're on healers. You should have enough healers and offhealers to get you through huddles in the offcase that 3+ healers get huddled. In 10 man, always break huddles, since you're only using 2 healers.

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    It's dead. Thanks guys!

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