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    [H-Stormscale] Khadgars Rage [10 casual] 1/13 HC ToT

    Khadgars Rage is a guild that has been around since the very start of european closed beta and mostly consists of the very same core even today. We've been around enough to have tried it all, from 16 hours of competitive raiding a day for world ranks to a strict and more casual 5 days a week schedule, so we know the drill. Sadly most of us are getting somewhat older (at least appearance wise) and no longer have the will or time to sit by the pc for hours end in hope to achieve the greatest of cyber achievements.

    With this new goal in mind we've been doing 3 raids per week for a good amount of time now and we feel more or less pretty perfect with this setup and are looking to expand our player base.

    What we expect:
    # Skill and dedication
    # Monthly attendance that exceeds 80%
    # Understanding your class and role, which means knowing why you press your buttons and not simply because you read it is the rotation of your class.
    # Understanding the english language
    # Microphone

    What we offer:
    # Vast amount of raiding experience
    # A stable environment
    # A very casual approach but "skilled" approach to raiding
    # A huge amount of achievements under our belt, for your satisfaction.
    # Fun and intuitive/yet sometimes amusing atmosphere

    Oh yeah, we're a 10man guild.

    All that being said, people are still people so if you're someone without that much time on your hands and want to experience the raiding content at a casual pace, this might be the thing for you.
    We are currently recruiting the following:

    Shadow Priest
    Paladin/Druid/Shaman/Monk - Healers (Any healer for the 3rd healer spot)
    Any player that excels at his/her class.

    Our raid times are:
    Wed 19:30/23:00
    Thu 19:30/23:00
    Sun 19:30/23:00
    These can sometimes change such as sunday being moved to monday and so forth, it's a bit flexible depending on the weekly absence if there is any.

    Website: http://khadgars-rage.org/content.php
    For the application template visit the forums.
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    Also adding a shadow priest to the list.

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