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    Question help to recognise an addon in a video.

    I found a video about Horrodin 25H mage PoV and i see a addon like weakauras but i'm not sure if it's weak auras. the addon with the coldowns of the trinkets and the addon with the coldowns of the spells at left of the screen. (the same addon i guess.)

    also, i can't remember the name of the bar timer addon just near the action bars of the followin video

    "I can't post link yet"

    Thanks 4 the help.

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    The addon showing spells across the entire screen and the procs above the player frames is PowerAuras. The one showing internal cooldowns and procs with the shining borders is ExtraCD. The cooldown bar could be ForteXorcist, CoolLine or SexyCooldown, judging from a quick look at those addons' screenshots it most resembles SexyCooldown.

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    Thank you very much. I'm using elvui and i have bit problems to controll all cd's in fire or frost.

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