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    Quote Originally Posted by Evory View Post
    Soon(tm) thats what they say every time they get asked, so yeah. Next expansion looks the most likely at this point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Titan View Post
    This is wrong. They have been talking about making new models for 2 years now. You are telling me it takes 3 years to make new models?

    There are guys on reddit who have re-made almost every race themselves. Using the same amount of Polygons, same length of animations, same color pallet as World of Warcraft. One guy even went and re-did some dragons and created models for Thrall and Garosh. All of which are superior to anything in the game currently, including the Panda's.

    You could get a team of artists to hammer this project out in a few months to perfection, Let alone a few years. They create new AAA games in a year with models that are 10 times as complex and have 10 times more moving parts then any of the trash in this 8 year old game.
    First of all, while it is true that we don't know how much time they have been working on the new models, there hasn't been any real confirmation about the topic until a year ago or so.

    I've seen Vaanel models (the best player-made ones I've seen so far), they look good and I'm sure he has put a lot of effort into them. But none of them have new animations. In fact, he shows very few animations in his videos because he has edited the model around a certain pose. As soon as those things begin moving, they'll clip badly.

    So no, making 16/20 new, customizable, fully animated models that still feel like the old ones, takes much more than 'a few months'. Unless, of course, things like the female worgen and, to a lesser extent, female pandaren happen. Those are perfect examples of rushing models to make them in time. And I don't want my character to become a much more polygoned, better textured piece of crap. I want them to do it RIGHT and deliver the quality they promise.

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    I'm personally inclined towards the "next expansion, as a selling point" view - I'd say given that only the Dwarves have been mentioned as being finished (or at least, in a near finished state) so far, that it's extremely unlikely we'll see them during MoP. I'd probably say given this that it's actually more likely to not even make the launch of the next expansion, and instead be part of mid-expansion patch - 6.2 perhaps.

    All of this of course is speculation, with a little sprinkling of common sense. But only that is enough to tell you that they almost certainly won't appear during MoP, nothing more.

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    The closer we get to Blizzcon the higher the chance is that the new models will be announced during it and released next expansion.

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    If they're released at any point, it's 5.4 at the earliest. BlizzCon announcement+reveal is more likely.

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    I'm hoping that the new model roll-out (whenever it hits) will maybe include a backdoor fix of worgen females, and maybe a couple more faces for fempandas.
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    Would like to prefer that Warriors/Death knights be more wider broader, melee DPS orc like Rogues be more slimmer but more cunning looking, and casters slim too. Like these 3.

    Warrior/Death knight:

    Rogue, Monk orcs:

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