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    Heroic Guides?

    I cannot for the life of me find any non-video 10M Heroic guides for ToT other than Jin'rokh (which we already downed). Need to do research on Heroic Horridon, Tortos and Ji-kun. Icy Veins doesn't have them yet and Youtube isn't an option atm. Any other website have these?

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    Heroic guides of any sort are nearly nonexistent. Watching videos and understanding what they are doing and listening to mumble/vent is typically your best bet.

    If that isn't an option, chances are the best you will be able to do is snippets here and there where people have asked specific questions, reading the dungeon journal, and class-specific tips for specific encounters.

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    You don't need guides. The changes from normals are pretty minimal for most fights, you can figure 90% of the strat out from reading the journal and watching a kill vid or two, and then you can fill in the gaps during attempts with basic problem solving skills.

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    It's too early to have those yet, you need to watch kill videos from other guilds and make your own strat. I'm expecting Fatboss to release some at some point, but I doubt they have tons of time to do them while they are working on progression themselves.
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    The guide makers either haven't done the heroic bosses yet or have so recently done it that they haven't had time to make it yet. You need to deal with the fact that you are a top 2% raider and do the boss without a guide. Watch some videos of kills (preferably from a person doing the same role as you), look at the way you kill normal mode and work from there.

    You are basically doing raiding where no strategy has been popularized yet.

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    The lack of guides (and in some cases videos or even logs to analyze) is part of top-tier raiding and something you'll simply have to deal with. If you're not okay with that, then you'll simply have to figure the strategies out yourself or postpone your heroics until there are.
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    You can find heroic guides on my youtube channel. Unfortunately, they are as a 25 man, but it doesn't make the encounter any different. Some of the strats might be a little different for 10 mans, as will the comps, but you can get a good sense of the encounter from the videos.

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