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    Question How to get rid of winged-rats?

    Hey Champions,

    Two city pigeons are polluting my balcony. I have an anti-bird netting that's supposed to keep them off my balcony, but they can enter through two little holes between the netting and the wall (I can't make it any better). They shit all over my balcony, wake me up with their annoying noise, make a nest and lay an egg.

    What I did:
    I already have the netting. I started to chase them away by just opening the balcony-door. It makes them panic and fly against the netting until they found the hole to fly through. I threw away their newly build nest every day. I destroyed their egg. I poured bleach all over my balcony and over their nest. They don't care about that, they just sit in a nest with bleach. I lay down bread with bleach. They don't eat it. I lay down normal bread, but they don't eat that either (it seems they eat nothing). Out of frustration I opened my balcony door and start hitting them all over my balcony with a broom until they found the hole to fly through.

    They keep coming back 10 minutes after being chased away. They don't spend the night after being chased away when the sun is down, but come back when the sun is up. After the hitting, they fly away as soon as they see me walking to the door or hear me at the door. So I spoiled my chance to kill them with hitting/stabbing.

    Desperation level over 9000!
    Who has a golden tip to keep these winged-rats away?! NOTE: I can't get a gun/buckshot

    Thanks in advance bros
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    Acquire snakes. Place on balcony!

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    Get a cat. The cat should be able to scare them off even by being behind the balcony door.

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    are you sure its always the same pair coming back?

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    1 - Go to local sporting / hunting goods store.
    2 - Buy lifelike plastic Bird of Prey (hawk, eagle, owl, etc).
    3 - Mount in visible location on balcony.
    4 - Never worry about annoying birds again.

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    maybe try to place some spikes? The city I live in had the same issue and now on every buiding you can see small spikes instead of pigeons.

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    Winged cats obviously
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    Quote Originally Posted by Surfd View Post
    1 - Go to local sporting / hunting goods store.
    2 - Buy lifelike plastic Bird of Prey (hawk, eagle, owl, etc).
    3 - Mount in visible location on balcony.
    4 - Never worry about annoying birds again.
    This was going to be my suggestion as well. You can probably buy one online.

    Quote Originally Posted by vizzle View Post
    Winged cats obviously

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    Velcro and a little imagination should do the trick.
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    use flying rat traps, they never fail
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    i dont know why but after reading your post i cant help but feel you are a terrible person...

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    Useful things already said so no need to repeat them, the only thing i will add(and i understand why you did it) putting out bread with bleach or even without bleach is just silly because its only encouraging them to come back and hang around if they think there's a chance of food scraps so try not to do it again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bladeface View Post
    i dont know why but after reading your post i cant help but feel you are a terrible person...
    Why is he a terrible person? He has a problem with vermin infestation, pigeons mostly just shit allover the place and thats it. Every city has problems with them, they mostly solve it by putting Bird Control Spikes around the areas they want to protect.

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    Bird of prey statue. It works most of the time. Unfortunately, I just had a family of four screeching owls move into tree in my front yard; they knocked my clay owls out of the tree (it was zip-tied to a branch,) and now hang up there, shitting on my car every morning. They're really neat, and it's against the Federal MBP Act to harass them, so I'm just hoping they'll leave the area when they run out of squirrels and pigeons to eat.

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    Pigeons: 1
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    I agree with the spikes issue,not real deadly metal spikes but you can place rubber sharp ones that prevent any bird dog or cat from sitting on your fence or balcony.

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    Repair the holes in your net...

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    or get a gun and just shoot them...

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    I'd install some anti-aircraft guns.
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