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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky High Shark View Post
    facial options aside, female orcs look pretty damn good in every armor type there is, especially plate. but if it came to an update throwing in more pixels would do the job. look at Aggra.

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    well really thats what a female orc is, les be honest here. aside from them amazon thighs.....dem thighs
    hahahah, true. But what I see as one of the more predominant orcish characteristics (besides them things) is the high set nose (very short nose bridge) and the resulting distance between the nose and the upper lips. And also those high cheekbones.

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    i think they are good might need a little more feminine in it tho

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    i dont think they need a change, easily my fav model in wow for playable character. they look great in gear and changing my dk to orc female from tauren male is one of the best decisions i ever made in wow

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    Just new hairstyles really.
    And an update to the skin and perhaps a new run animation.
    The rest is pretty cool tbh.

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    I don't think they're bad compared to some other old races, just a higher poly count and better faces would be nice. I only feel like there are 1 or 2 faces i'd pick out of the lot, whereas with goblins there are plenty that are nice.

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    I wouldn't change much beyond the textures and number of bones/polygons/etc (basically: better tech, like what they used for Pandaren), really. I think they're the right amount of masculine given that they're orcs. I like what they did with Aggra so I would say she's a very good starting point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazuli View Post
    Also more feminine qualities in the face, orcs don't have to look like shit just because they're orcs.
    I wholeheartedly agree. The same goes for female trolls. There is only one (somewhat) attractive faces for female trolls and only maybe two for orcs. Pretty disappointing.

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