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    Frostheim has just updated his guides. I have always found them very useful. Not casting aspersions on Icy Veins or Noxxic or any of the others. But all Frost does is Hunter. Granted he is partial to BM. But he gives good advice on SV and MM as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tehstool View Post
    Icy veins is wrong my friend. It's actually pretty significant with the changes to the RPPM things, the increase would be even greater than it is now.
    I know, it was to show that it really should get a better hunter guide person >.<
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shahad View Post
    Icy-veins still says: "The DPS difference between using Focus Fire wisely and not using it at all (i.e., having your pet have 5 stacks of Frenzy at all times) is practically non-existant."
    Having tested this before I know that some things stated there should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skygoneblue View Post
    I didn't say spamming Lock and Load procs was complex. I said Black Arrow, which is a cooldown you have to watch (as opposed to Focus Fire which lights up when you need to press it - easier). Don't put words in my mouth.
    But BA isn't complex....spamming ES back to back is more complex. Also, what my comment on page 1 meant was you saying BA is complex, when it's even less complex than using up LNL. Like the very comment in this one.
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