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    Should I re-roll this tier - another point of view

    Hi guys,

    I'm a resto-druid raiding in a casual guild since start of MoP. I have progress-experience from beginning TBC to ICC. And somehow I think about changing from my resto-druid to my resto-shaman.

    This is my druid: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...icillin/simple (currently in offspec-gear, I have i506, pretty nice stuff actually)
    This is my shaman: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...reenatu/simple
    Some of my logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/258343/

    We raid with 1x disc-priest (ofc topping) and 2x resto-druids. We miss buffs during raid, mainly bloodlust & mastery (currently both provided by our BM-hunter, who could provide melee-haste instead). And we disenchant mail-equip at the moment. And we also could need some more nice cooldowns (thinking of capacitor, grounding, stormlash, bloodlust, spiritlink, etc). Thats why I think about equipping my shaman a little bit more, and I'm currently trying to learn raid-heal with him (in fact, I'm really motivated to play him). I read a lot of guides (tho I didn't finish reforging, so don't blame that ). And I also don't expect to beat our disc-priest.

    My main problem is one thing respectively question to the shaman community:

    As a druid I have no problem to top people off. I have reju on some and can swiftmend, I can use my instant healing touch every minute, got new mushrooms and my regrowth (healing surge) is pretty fast and heals a lot (and any combination of those). As a shaman I have no problem with missing mobility, but with emergency heals, as I can see no other possibility to quickly provide heals than plain healing surge.

    Do you agree that a shaman provides steady aoe- and strong tank-heal, but misses emergency heals?


    PS: also have a lot more mana-issues as I'm used to use every global cd for a heal... but I think thats my bad equip atm ;o
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    No doubt it's going to benefit your raid a lot.
    Regarding heals - it might be different playstyle, but you can compete with druids np, maybe not all fights.

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    Resto Shamans are currently dead last as far as through put goes this tier. I've actually debated re-rolling to either my monk or druid healer for hard modes, since normal modes isn't as comp-crucial. My guild runs 2 resto shamans many nights w/ a holy paladin, or 1 resto shaman, 1 holy paladin and 1 disc priest.

    AOE healing is still strong, but there's minimal opportunity when it comes to stacking this tier. Healing stream totem is our "go-to" heal now, it seems. I get as MUCH use out of it as I can, which isn't any different than other tiers since the totems changed, but it's very very crucial to our throughput this tier. Also popping HTT and Ascendance early and often is also essential to our throughput. I pair HTT with Elemental Mastery and my fire elemental totem for a 10% healing boost. There's some nice cooldown combos you can use, but if your raid leader assigns cooldowns, you'll want to save them for when they're actually needed, which can really mess with your throughput.

    Last night on our Iron Qon kill we were saving our CDs for the last 20% or so, since that's where the damage really can hurt....my CD was never called and by the time I was going to use it, the boss was just about dead. I was able to use HTT and Ascendance twice(maybe 3x) during the fight, but I also had to make sure I had 'em ready for that last phase, so my CDs didn't get used to their potential...which you will notice will happen often especially if you have good healers/good raid members who use their personal defensive CDs and Healthstones, etc...often, HTT only gets 2-3 ticks as heals and the rest of it ticks as overheals just because everyone gets topped off in less than 4-5 seconds.

    I would say we're strong when it comes to "saving" raid members. Healing surge is very good for this situation, just don't over-use it. Use healing wave when you can, but I find myself using GHW and HS much more over HW this tier. Chain heal is pretty weak and isn't worth glyphing into. Same with riptide, I would suggest not glyphing into that except for maybe Tortos or any other fight that has little or no stacking opportunity. I think I ended up using the riptide glyph on Durumu for when we ring-around-the-rosy, since that is like a full minute of constant movement.

    I've always enjoyed my resto shaman, more than any other healer I've played...and I've played them all. If you guys don't have a holy paladin and you can play one, I would suggest doing that over a resto shaman this tier. Hope this helps & good luck!

    Also(if you do decide to re-roll to your shaman), your shamans mastery is waaaaayyy too high. You don't need more than 50-51% mastery. You'll want a LOT more crit than 9% as it's essential to our mana regen/conservation. You'll want to shoot for about 15% crit unbuffed, I run about 20-21% crit with raid buffs. I would also read up on haste breakpoints and try not to have excess haste beyond those caps. You will also most likely want more than 7k spirit - I run around 10-11k with double spirit proc trinkets and I'm often below 10% mana at the end of most fights.
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    Well, if your raid composition is hungry for a shaman, you could go for it. But I would suggest you take the occasional 3rd healer spot as shaman. Shaman strenghts (aka utility) can be brought with a dps shaman, too. So I'd say you should be mainly elemental shaman, with the occasional resto for 3 healing fights. I would not suggest going from resto druid to resto shaman, if you are one of the main healers of your group.
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    Thanks a lot for your input. We're currently @Tortos, so as you can see we're really raiding casual (we also don't have a stable team as well). So heroic-mode is nothing I will get to too soon. Tho I'm a little stronger than the other resto-druid.

    I hope I will get used to a ("my") shaman-playstyle by myself - tho thanks for your hint regarding not using riptide-glpyh. I just need a rating regarding "emergency heals on shamans", because thats where I feel low atm. And if you say you're fine with that, I hope I can keep up and be at least equal to our other resto-druid.

    btw: any quick hint where to haste-cap with 5% haste in raid? atm I play with AS, which is either 871 or 5676 - both not reachable. Thinking about dropping AS and go for 2071 or 3039, but I'm not sure.
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    CH and HW are weak, but inexpensive. Use them when risk is low.

    There's a pretty Decent r.shaman guide stickied in this forum.

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    Life in Group 5 is a great resto shaman reading source.
    If you want a really detailed guide, elitist jerks has a solid resto shaman guide as well.

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    We don't need multiple threads on the same topic, folks. Please use existing threads for discussion rather than starting your own.

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