View Poll Results: Whose fault / responsibility is it?

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  • That of the person who opens the door.

    10 5.68%
  • That of the person who stands close to a door that opens in their direction.

    37 21.02%
  • Both.

    75 42.61%
  • What a stupid question.

    54 30.68%
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    I once caught a old woman between the wall and a revolving door, sounds bad but it was really funny. I was exiting a store and checked for incoming people, there where none, so I start pushing the door really hard to make it spin after I get out. Mid push the door suddenly stops and I'm all "wtf?", then I see this old woman stuck between the door and the wall gasping for air. There where some people that helped her get out then started to yell at me and I couldn't help but laugh and say something like "Not my fault she thought shes a ninja and tried to slip between the fast spinning door...". It depends on whos fault it is but if you're dumb you get what you deserve...

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    where's captain hindsight when you need him?!

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    It's the architect's/engineers' fault, they really shouldn't make those doors open outwards, it's just stupid. Given that, there's no way you can see who's coming so no matter how fast you open it you can't avoid hitting some jackass if he's walking close to the door

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    Person in the bathrooms fault, accidents happen but if you open doors more slowly the impact dmg is less.

    - I'm around younger kids all the time, so when i go outside to smoke on my way back in slowly open the door /shrug. Better safe then smacking someone in the face
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    without reading too many of the replies, where i work is the opposite way door opening inwards to the toiletry. i voted for both. its both of yours responsibility to know that there may be someone else on the other side of the door. some helpful hints. dont rip the door open/shove the door open. or if your in the opposite place, i always put my hand out on the door and stand off to the side a bit so in case this does happen i am prepared to halt the door or step out of the way a little more. either way when that happens hear it usually results in a quick and quite EXCUSE ME from both parties, i find this the polite thing to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wondercrab View Post
    Isn't this one of those things called an accident?

    You don't need to find someone to blame for everything.
    You really need to get with the times. These days when something goes wrong there always has to blame attached and it's never your fault.

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    how about... don't open it swiftly enough to cause damage? bursting through doorways is completely necessary? open them like a normal person...

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    The one standing by the door should be aware that someone could suddenly open it up and get hit.
    The one opening the door should be aware that someone could be standing nearby and be careful not to hit them.

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    Both should watch out. Neither of you can see if there's someone else on the other side about to open the door. You should be more gentle with the door and the guy should watch out where he stands when he tries to open the door.

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    Both. Other needs manners, the other situational awareness.

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    I wanted to choose two answers, but couldn't. I choose "Both" and "What a stupid question."

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    Neither. Some things don't have to have a fault, they just happen. However, if the person was standing outside waiting for you to come out, it's definitely his fault.

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