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    i tank the bats as a brewmaster. it wasn't always pretty and i died more then a few times, but it requires good positioning when kicking turtles thru the bats to burn them quickly. outside stuns are extremely helpful around the time the quake hits if your stun isnt available.

    we tried the kiting strat and it was working well. but we ended up need more damage on the boss, so we reverted to tanking the bats next to tortos for the cleave dmg from the high vengence. just rotating outside cds when personal cds weren't avail is what we did.

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    Solo tanked with a pally. It was a joke and he got to do 120k. Win/win

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    Every tank class can do it. The boss-tank shouldn't need any external cooldowns and the bats are not up that long. We are a 10-man guild (killed it twice on HC) and we basically just rotate shield Wall, iron bark, sac and last stand. As some said you can stun them and that's why i would pick a war with shockwave. Demo shout ( 20% reduction, 1 min cd ) will be ready for all bats also.

    The final reason for picking a War is for when you fáil with CD's and your shield goes off. Assuming you tank bats under the nose of the boss you will always be able to Leap/charge to a crystal to re-apply the buff.
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    Not sure if the OP is referring to normal or heroic Tortos, but the advice shouldn't differ wildly.

    My job is to tank the bats every week as Guardian, and the biggest folly a bear can make is not picking up the bats with a large amount of rage. While it may seem slightly sub-optimal on the surface, I always pop Savage Defense about 1 second before I actually pick up threat on the bats. If you go and pick them up, then you begin to worry about generating 60 rage to pop SD, it's very easy to get insta-gibbed. And while all this talk about Brewmasters kiting them is all fine and dandy, as a druid you should probably do some kiting of your own as necessary (especially if you're doing everything right and it's still not enough to keep you alive). If you need that extra space between bats when you're about to experience the boss stunning the raid, Typhoon (for the slow) + Stampeding Roar (for the getaway) works decently well. Heroic just adds the crystals, but the core concept is the same.

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    sorry exochaft it is normal im talking about but your right it shouldn't differ much

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    Quote Originally Posted by thunderdragon2 View Post
    ninotcha its not the quake then that bats that are killing him its solely the bats, once he runs out of cds, that's it ill try and find the wol of yesterday

    im not the best with wol so help with this is appreciated the tanks should be easily spoted as i said in the op we have a prot pally on tortos and a bear on bats

    we had a few attempts at 3tanking it but that didn't go well <-- wol for last night
    I see your bear is the one tanking the bats, have him spec into typhoon, he can push back the bats before every rockfall, he will be full before the bats are back on him.

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    Brewmaster, kite the lot of them :P

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