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    Nice. going to try this out when it's released.

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    They said it was something small, you all are dumb for thinking it was a new ip or something. im gonna play the shit out of this if its good, since i dont have time to raid anymore, i love tcg's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enjeh View Post
    Nice. going to try this out when it's released.
    so.... in about 4 years?

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    Not what i expected but good job blizz, not that i would play it.

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    Booooooo Trailer made me think it was a moba. Sad day

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    wish they used the regular TCG cards

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    oh man, I hate trading card games >_>

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    wat a fuckin bullshit game

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    The Day Blizzard Died

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    10 people clapped.. there's 20 people in the room

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    Meh that sucks. Why not Dota...

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    This is why you don't get so hyped over knowing absolutely fuck all about something.

    And this IS new for Blizzard. It's nothing like the TCG and it's online.

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    ROFL blizzard is so bad

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    Hopefully this isn't indicative of the direction that blizzard is taking as a company. Some times it's better go out in a blaze of glory rather than to just fade away.

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    i like it

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    Free to play ,WOOO

    But u gota buy the cards....

    Id rather have a Blizzard Kart Racing then this game ><

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    I said it few weeks ago that this announcement would be just as exciting as D3 going to ps3/ps4... Blizz is loosing it big time... The only "card game" i even enjoyed was magic the gathering battlegrounds and it wasnt formated as a tru card game. But that was epic.... another fail by blizz
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    You all expected a big announcement at Pax East? They have Blizzcon for major announcements. I think it looks like a fun game and I will be trying it, eventhough I'm not into card games at all usually.

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    Looking back, I don't know why I expected anything good; why would they unveil something good at PAX instead of Blizzcon?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sigmar View Post

    The Day Blizzard Died
    Oh boy, here we go.

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    Many other online card games have used 4 developers with good quality, what the hell did they waste 15 on this for?

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