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    Blizzard - Dedicated Classic servers for raiding.

    First of all, I'd like to say that this isn't a rant thread.

    Blizzards reasoning against classic servers is that they want to progress, but this just isn't good enough. What's stopping them from progressing? The content is there, they don't need to put their minds to work to make new stories, quests, bosses etc, they just need to restore orgrimmar/SW/Thousand needles etc to it's former glory and a few other things.

    I have lots of chars, and I want a separate raiding life. I want to raid Throne of thunder, and then I'll raid Blackwing lair(classic wow raid). Right now I'm rading on two (sometimes 3) chars and I'm doing the same thing.... LFR MSV, LFR MSV and more LFR MSV across THREE CHARACTERS *brain bleeds*, it gets very stale and you learn to hate the content.

    They can release the classic raids consecutively through patches so that there is progression, so when MSV (first MoP raid) was released they could have released Zulgurub (first classic raid, i believe... you get the idea).

    This is a great idea for people like me who never experienced Classic WoW and would like separate raiding lives in different eras of World of warcraft history. I'm not here for nostalgia-gasm, I'm here for the varied raiding experiences!

    Who is with me? I'd love to raid competitively through progression in different universes. It would be a good way to use the old content instead of letting it rot.


    and inb4 "Blizz said no". Well they said no to pve-pvp realm transfers, to gnome priests, to faction change etc.

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    The day I see classic or expansion specific servers is the day I quit the game forever.

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    They would have to do maintenance on those servers every week and when people are just going to get bored from the lack of content, you're going to quit, making the time wasted and time taken from development of new things wasted.

    Plus, it's kind of a small minority that even wants Vanilla servers.

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    Multiple sets of data, code from different periods of time, separate maintenance... Not to mention, How long is something like this going to hold the attention of players? Once the novelty wears off... Blizzard has essentially dead realms that are dedicated to something people aren't using all that much. To me, it doesn't seem like it's a worthwhile venture.

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    This topic has been done to death seriously, even the mods don't put up with these kinds of threads, it'll just get closed.

    Refer to this thread for the mod quote:


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    You'll never get to experience classic WoW. Classes are completely different, abilities are different, stats are different. You'll faceroll end game content in green gear, just like xp locked raiding guilds do.

    I did try to run few random heroics on my old level 70 priest (blue gear with few Kara and ZA items) few months ago, it was total faceroll with other freshly leveled lvl 70 players who had way worse gear than me. Everything died 2-3 times faster than it would have taken T6 geared players to kill during TBC, CC wasn't used at all, nobody was ever in danger of dying. It was nothing like heroics were in TBC. Same with classic raids.

    The only way to experience it is to roll back everything to one of 1.x patches.
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